Behind the Pixels is a tutorial artbook focusing on the digital art process used in today`s entertainment industry covering all aspect of production art from sketches to finished concept design and marketing art. It includes 30+ tutorials, step-by-step walk-throughs and nearly 400 production artwork samples from 32 industry professionals from various segments of the industry (films, visual effects, games, animation, advertising and book illustration). It can be an invaluable resource for any individual interested in any form of the constantly widening digital art scene, but even working professionals and media design school would be able to use it to learn new techniques and methods from.

“Concept Art. The phrase conjures up everything from medieval worlds to epic space battles. It is the culmination of 100 years of illustration, architecture and production design. Concept design evolved from an illustration service to being the blueprint for most virtual characters and environment designs. Its role has increased in visibility and prestige logarithmically. The speed and skill at which designs are derived nowadays is almost incomprehensible when compared to the days of watercolor set and costume design. But the key component in concept design IS design.
Is there an idea there? How does it evolve? What are its origins and endings? Join Mark and other industry professionals as they guide you through the various processes used in today’s entertainment industry from the importance of early sketching to creating finished concept designs.”

Robh Ruppel – Art Director at Naughty Dog


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