Voted one of the 10 most inspirational art books of 2015 by Future Publishing.

“Mark Molnar’s Behind the Pixels should be on every art school shelf – it is essential reading for those keen to pursue a career in concept art. Calling anyone interested in the world of concept art – get your hands on it! And if you are just starting out at art college, pester your lecturers to buy a copy today. It exposes curious minds to a potential art career, acting as a vehicle to navigate the concept art landscape for the first time.”
– Creative Bloq Artbook Review: 9/10

“If there is indeed an artbook I expected to firm up, it’s that one. With a fully assembled content by Mark Molnar this book could only announce grandiose. To conclude on this artbook, or rather artistic book, I would say the quality is really good, both from the content and support point of view. I do not regret at all being a backer and helping this artist, who was able to provide not only a monster job with the book, but also collect works from several other talented designers.”
– The Art of Artbooks

“I have just started reading it, but it has to be one of the best books written on the concept production process that I have seen. Lots of great examples, tutorials and even related online content. Amazing!”
Jon Schindehette – Creative Director at ThinkGeek Solutions, Founder of ArtOrder

“Best book ever! This is my bible! I have it in my bag always and lost count how many times I’ve read it. Learnt more from this book than I did at art school. I can’t thank Mark and everyone involved enough and I appreciate the effort put in from everyone involved. Thank you!”
– Jenny Hall

“Got mine and am deliriously happy with it! It is one of the best art books money can buy! It is even going on holiday with me along with pencils and sketchbooks.”
– Graham Nightingale

“Finally got mine in Australia! It’s very informative and inspiring – feeling like picking up the pencil again!”
– Adam Brice

“I just bought this yesterday, but what I’ve seen so far looks awesome!”
– Joao Palva

“Thank you from France, your art is my reference to progress in mine! The book is just perfect, congratulations!”
– R.H.

“Arrived today, well worth the wait and so pleased I backed it!”
– Paul Blake